Tuesday, June 9

UK side of the pond again

After lots of waiting around in the not so exciting airport they like to call Albany "International", I finally got a seat on the 6pm flight to Philly (original flight delayed with maintenance issues was scheduled to take off at 3pm) and almost more important was that I was able to get on a 10.45pm flight into Heathrow (instead of the 6pm into Gatwick, which I obviously had missed the connection for) but at that point I didn't really care at all anymore, I just wanted to either be home at mum's house in bed with 3 dogs crawling all over me or in London getting back into the swing of things at work.

Luckily for me I got the latter, so here I am just about a day later, sitting at my desk, as if I never left! I think I got about 4 hours kip on the plane, the first hour was smooth, then as we flew through the jet stream merger, it was rather bumpy for 45 minutes & then the rest was VERY smooth (or I slept through the bumps - lol). I arrived safe & sound into Heathrow around 11am this morning, tubed it home (tube strike doesn't start till 7pm tonight), showered, went through my mail, and headed into work.

I've erased 214 emails since my arrival at 1.45pm, not bad for 2 hours worth of work if you ask me, but nothing like my days of relaxing pool side in Wallingford or reading on the dock in Saranac Lake or watching a ballet recital in Peru/Glens Falls/Simsbury (that's correct I went to THREE recitals whilst home) or bush whacking up a mountain in Adirondack or enjoying a backyard wedding in Wallingford, but work does pay better than those options, so I'll take it for now!
Really just wanted to let ya know I'm back.



At 10 June, 2009 13:47, Blogger mary o said...

Good to see you here again!

Was such a great visit. Thanks for coming.

Love, Mom


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