Friday, May 1

Being a healthy weight is better for the environment!

Being a healthy weight is better for the environment . . . who knew? I can honestly say, I'd never thought about it, but after reading this blurb I suddenly realised it made a lot of sense. In case you don't want to read what they said, I'll try to summarise it for you:

According to a study in the International Journal of Epidemiology they pointed out that food production is a large contributor to global warming, therefore keeping a healthy body weight means that people would eat about 20% less food, which would lead to lower greenhouse gas production, than our current population does where about 40% are obese. They also point out that transport related emissions would be lower because it requires less energy to move a slim person from point A to point B than it does an obese one. Makes sense no?

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At 01 May, 2009 19:13, Anonymous DAD said...

amazingly logical!


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