Wednesday, May 13

Dislike of Virgin Media, but not Richard Branson

So I learned today thanks to Vicky, that Richard Branson took over for Mia Farrow's Fast for Darfur when she became ill & could not continue. I think that's very impressive of him to do. So today I'm not as upset with him about my 2+ months lack of services, cause obviously he has more important things on his mind at the moment, but I'm still rather pissed off with the VM company!
For those of you who have missed what's going on, here is a recap of Monday's call, after they were a big "no show" on Saturday after they called on Friday to remind me of the fact that they'd be coming & to tell me there is a problem further down the road so it might not completely fix it but that Nigel will be looking into it & getting back to me asap. I had called 3 times on Saturday when I worried they were not coming, first two times I got disconnected whilst being transferred & last time they said "the engineer should be there any minute" . . . wait for it, NO SHOW!
Monday I got a call from them asking how my appt on Saturday was - bet they now wish they'd never called - I laid into them & even read them a letter dated 31 May 2008 where they state they need to "repull the line under the carriage way & due to council regulations and restrictions this could take up to a month to repair" here we are a year later with the SAME exact problem - this implies they never actually fixed it in the first place . . . silence was all I heard for awhile, followed by, "well ma'am I don't know what to tell you aside from what I can see here on my computer screen which says Nigel is looking into it" I replied with, "okay I'd like to speak to him please". She said, "oh sorry ma'am he's not available at the moment, but I can pass you on to customer service" so over to CS I go (luckily no disconnection this time) and speak to someone who is equally unknowledgeable & that I cannot get any money back until the problem is resolved so they have a record of exactly how long this problem has been going on for - I explain they have 48 hours to come up with a solution & that I'll be calling Mr Nigel at 5pm on Wednesday evening and then I hung up! (thinking if nothing else at least you've got 48 hours to come up with a better excuse than "I'm not sure ma'am")

On a more positive note, I was at the gym last night & was told, "out of all of my clients, you've improved the most in the past 2 months" . . . how's that for a compliment???? I'm not running a 5K yet, but I can do the dead lifts with 20kg bar (44lbs), lunges with 6kg weight in each hand on a BOSU ball, squats on the BOSU ball as seen here with 15kg bar (33lbs), each exercise I do for 3 sets of 15 reps, along with a whole range of other exercises which I won't bore you with now.


At 13 May, 2009 16:22, Blogger mary o said...

Unbelievable story about VM! Can't believe it.
Never heard of that BOSU ball. Doesn't look like fun to me. Congratulations on your progress. I won't try to tangle with you! Have bought a portable radio fence for the dogs since there is still digging around the perimeter of the fence. Maybe you can help train them if it gets here on time. Love, MommiO

At 13 May, 2009 16:58, Blogger Sara said...

I'm up for training them, one at a time!


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