Friday, August 15

sisterly love

my sis arrived yesterday & my mate jim picked her up at the airport. he of course then realised he'd forgotten the keys to my flat so he took her back to his place, made her lunch & they watched the olympics together before coming back to mine at 6pm.

then kaylie, patty & i went over to nim & andy's for a drink to celebrate kaylie's 23rd birthday and then we went for thai food.

patty should be here at work around 12.30 to go for lunch.

btw it's sunny today, not suppose to stay nice, but at least there is sun today! we're off to long eaton for jim's wedding tomorrow morning at 9am (the train, wedding's at 3pm)

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At 15 August, 2008 20:24, Anonymous dad said...

zounds like fun!

At 16 August, 2008 17:33, Blogger mary o said...

hope you had a super time

love and kisses and hugs around,



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