Wednesday, June 25

in ADKs

made it to NY safe & sound last thursday & have been busy with dad's parties which were all a great success!! food was wonderful & the weather was nice during party times - can't say it was nice all the other days since on friday late morning when i took the boat out it POURED on us & on saturday when I took a 6, 7, and 8 year old hiking it poured & thundered on us. i think in all the excitement i didn't get as much sleep as i needed so now i've got a bit of a sore throat, but ah well such is life.

don't have much time to read all of your blogs so i apologise now & can't promise i'll be posting regularly as my schedule is being decided on a day to day basis . . .


At 25 June, 2008 22:13, Blogger Andrew (TK-3220) said...

Welcome back to the US! Glad to hear you made it over safely!

At 26 June, 2008 14:58, Blogger PCS said...

Give me a call when you get into SL and we can schedule a meetup. You might have to leave a message because I'm teaching a summer session course at NCCC


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