Wednesday, June 18

thanks ms cheesewiz for the reminder

I can't believe I forgot, well I can, but thanks to Ms CheeseWiz over at her blog BrainCheese, I realised that I'm sorry not to have filled you in on my latest & greatest adventures to the USofA, this trip will be for 3 weeks, starting off with me dad's 70th birthday party this coming Saturday & ending with my mate Jenn's wedding on July 10th, in the middle comes fun in the sun & July 4th stateside (first time since 2005!!)

Feel free to leave b'day messages for Daddio, he reads the blog & would probably love the surprise of comments for him!!

now off to lunch & then a few bits & pieces left to do at work before I head home to start packing, yes that's correct I have not yet started to pack . . . okay slight lie, I did put some papers I need to bring home in a pile on my new coffee table along with my flight info & list of books on Rwanda I want to get whilst state-side, but aside from that bugger all is packed (oops!)

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At 18 June, 2008 17:48, Blogger BRAINCHEESE said...

I THOUGHT so!!! Hehe...

Happy birthday to the Daddio also and may you have a pleasant trip filled with sunshine and warm breezes (versus heat stroke and hurricanes!).

Linda D. in Seattle

At 25 June, 2008 21:02, Anonymous dad said...

thanks for the acknowledgement Sara and thanks for the good wishes Linda!

Parties were superb all around!


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