Wednesday, June 18

count down begins

39.5 hours till my plane is suppose to leave heathrow airport headed to montreal, canada - YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!

a great thing happened today my good mates john & jaiden who've been travelling around se asia for the past 7 months returned to london & i got to hang out with them for 2 hours. tomorrow they're moving into my flat & cooking me dinner, how awesome is that? i'm stoked!

off to bed now, laters

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At 18 June, 2008 09:12, Blogger BRAINCHEESE said...

Did I MISS something here?!? Obviously I did...either I forgot or didn't realize YOU ARE ONCE AGAIN TRAVELING!!!!

Best of days to you in your adventures...

At 18 June, 2008 12:17, Blogger Sara said...

sorry about that - will write a proper post on it!


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