Friday, June 6

busy semi crappy week

yeah so i need to vent about my week . . . as if having my period with horrible cramps wasn't enough this week i also found out that my mum's b'day present didn't arrive b/c my credit card was denied (probably frozen but as I can't call 800 numbers from the UK I can't find out) then I finally get the non-800 number & my phone card dies - so mum had to pay for it herself . . . felt like a schmuck. then tried to get my transcripts sent to PeaceCorps - asked mom to mail a check & fill out the form with my dates of attendance etc then she called today to tell me they can't do it without me signing it or me faxing it in, so now tomorrow i have to pay £2.50 to fax it over, but can't use my credit card since it's FLIPPIN frozen or whatever it's deal is my mum has to remail the check - the PC wanted all this info within 4 weeks (that's Friday) so obviously that's not happening & I know they're flexible, I just wanted to have it all done on time b/c without it they can't set up my appt for an interview & I WANT to do that whilst I'm home since i doubt I'll be home again this year. then in case all that wasn't enough stress, i also for no good reason (aside from maybe cramps) couldn't sleep one night & the more I tried to sleep & thought about how I had to give 120 in infections the following day in the cat 3 the less I could sleep, so I was still up at 4.45am, that's right I got 2 hours if that of sleep & then if you don't think I've had a tough day I leave work semi early to come home & get my shower fixed but NOOOOOOOOOOO the lady calls to say the van broke down & they'll be coming tomorrow - UGH!!!!!!!!! oh yeah did I mention my home phone doesn't work & my cable still hasn't been fixed & my internet is running at molasses speed? oh yeah other thing (not as important but whatever) i had the chance to go to Prague this weekend for £100 return including hotel - GREAT deal but I had to find someone to go with me to get that price & all my friends here suck and didn't want to go, so I got my hopes up & now can't go. oh I remember one more bad thing - i told you about our liquid nitrogen disaster right? well we're having "the meeting" with my boss about it on monday for sure, not looking forward to that - i did however manage to grow up 3 lines of cells (RAW, J774 and KY-1, I know they're all easy to grow but I wasn't expecting them to survive the indefinite period at room temp in DMSO) and then I think it didn't help that everyone around me at work the other day was talking about how great their husband or boyfriends are & I was feeling rather left out of the conversation & this new girl said so Sara you don't have a boyfriend, why not? as if I've chosen to be single for the rest of my life like a loser
  • the plumber finally showed up today (at 7.30pm - appt was for half 5! and was able to do a temp fix, which means he has to come back - WTF!?!?!?
  • mailed off my peacecorps paperwork from this end today & i suspect they should have received mum's check by now, so that's moving along at a snails pace instead of molasses :)

Okay feeling much much better now - thanks for listening - i'm sure some of you are glad my phone card is broken - LOL - I can't wait to be home in 2 weeks!!!!!!!!!

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At 08 June, 2008 06:10, Blogger Zee said... if I've chosen to be single for the rest of my life like a loser...

Hey now - there's nothing "loser-y" about being single! Think of all the freedom you have! Yeah, you have to do everything for yourself at times, but you also can do (or not do) whatever you want, whenever you want. I suspect your colleagues probably envy this freedom a bit.

Seriously: I'd rather be alone and happy than with the wrong person and miserable. I think I'd like to meet "the right guy," at some point but I've finally gotten to the point where I truly don't care one way or the other whether that actually happens. Relationships and marriage are hard and I'm sure as hell not going to get sucked into something that hard for the wrong person!

You're intelligent and beautiful and fun and talented - and the right person will come along when you're ready. And if he doesn't? No worries - you'll still be a whole, wonderful human being. I'm so annoyed by people who seem to think - and worse, share with everyone - that everyone needs to be with someone and that there's something wrong with those of us who are not coupled - whether by choice or circumstance.

(Er, I think you pushed a button... :) Anyway, hope you're feeling a bit better and that next week is better! Also, that you got the nonsense with your credit card sorted out and your stuff gets to the Peace Corps in a reasonable amount of time! I can't wait to hear more about your PC adventures!!

At 08 June, 2008 22:47, Blogger Sara said...

Thanks Zee, you always have such wonderful words of wisdom for me - I appreciate it!!! I do know that I have the freedom since I'm single, but sometimes when surrounded by couples it's hard to see that. didn't mean to hit a button & don't you worry you'll be hearing all about the PC adventures!!! cheers my dear for your comment, wish you were closer so i could see you when i'm stateside in in 2 weeks! xx


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