Wednesday, June 11

berlin bound

off to a conference in berlin tomorrow, that is if i ever finish packing!! been too busy figuring out my trip to rwanda in october . . . looks like i'll leave london on sept 30th arrive in kigali on oct 1st and leave on the 14th arriving back in london on the 15th :)

but tomorrow is berlin for Immunity to TB, aka Stefan Kaufman's birthday party turned into TB conference, but I'm not arguing should be fun, Gilla Kaplan will be there to speak along with lots of other big names in TB research . . . be back sunday to fill you in on all i learned

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At 11 June, 2008 06:08, Blogger Zee said...

Oooh, Berlin is awesome. Have a great time!

At 12 June, 2008 14:19, Anonymous Amanda said...

Wow. Name dropper! :)

That. Sounds. Awesome.

At 13 June, 2008 18:11, Anonymous dad said...

looks like you were up late! enjoy Berlin...have not been there since just before they put up the wall in 1960! which came down in 1990!

At 15 June, 2008 22:02, Blogger Sara said...

zee - when where you there? i really liked it

amanda - want a few more names, stefan ellers, david russell, douglas young . . . i can list TB people for hours - LOL

dad - well i got to see the wall and wish i'd been there before to compare


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