Saturday, April 26

Life's Reset Button

Ever have one of those days where you just wish you could rewind a few seconds or minutes & start a certain part over so you could avoid some bigger event later on which you hadn't anticipated? I have!! I try to live my life so that I don't regret anything and I can honestly say that 97% of the time I'm spot on, but then that other 3% sorta niggles me at times.

Earlier today after work was done, all my work mates went out for drink & I went along - not planning on staying long as I'm not supper keen on this whole get drunk & waste most of the next day hung over, but trying not to be seen as the anti-social one of the group I went along. One glass of house wine which tastes like crap will allow me to SLOWLY sip it whilst everyone else drinks at their own speed.

Phone call number one, Rob. "What you doing? What you up to at the weekend? New flat is great, new bed arrived, all's well - working Saturday, free Sunday, let's do Sunday roast" Cool deal - all set.

Phone call number two, Jim. "where are you? why aren't you at the Tup? come up and meet me. becks is on her way so we're not going anywheres else. see you in an hour"

Forty-five minutes later I start my good-byes with the work lot & grab the bus up to Camden. Pop into the Tup for a drink. Rediscover why I don't frequent pubs at 8pm on a Friday as everyone is DRUNK. Have a chat & a bit of a laugh with Jim, Becks, and the pub staff whom I all know very well. Then that point hits where you suddenly realise you wish you had a rewind button (or a beam me up Scottie button) Long of the short is Jim got arsey with Ray (manager) all because I was taking the piss outta Jim for gettin lippy with me about Buffalo Sabres being better than the Rangers, but Jim half in his cups didn't see me as the "bad guy" but rather Ray.

Luckily (before a fist fight broke out) or probably rather unluckily at this point Becks decides it's time for Jim to go home. I say unluckily because at this point she looks for her bag . . . GONE. Calm down, ask Ray if the bar staff stashed it behind the bar . . . NO LUCK. Ray returns with the somber message of, "it's on CCTV, some guy nicked it & walked off." Out come the elephant tears, now I'm not trying to be a bitch, but HELLO, if you leave your bag on the bar & go to the loo without telling anyone & without it, what do you expect?!?!? I know you're engaged to a PC, but we live in flippin London, it's a city for goodness sakes.

Okay, so that's not what I said at all! You should know me better than that by now. Instead we trundled up to Ray's office to see the CCTV, where we confirmed he'd stolen her bag from the bar at 21.35 and then walked straight out the pub at 21.37. Ray called her bank & helped her cancel her card (again she's in hysterics now and Jim is still a bit not so friendly with Ray.) Ray is a saint, it sucks to be the manager of the pub when shite like this happens, but he handled it like a trooper, especially as 30 seconds before this all started Jim was ready to pound his face in.

To make a ridiculous long story shorter - from the Tup we headed straight to KT police station to report it all with the CCTV which Ray so kindly burned on DVD for us. Reported the situation to the PC on duty. Went to the section house (aka police housing) next door met up with our old mate Paul (nickname of Eyeball) where he made us all cups of tea & we had a chat till Becks was calmer (as in able to stand without her legs giving out) and then we all headed home.

So where would I have rewound this evening? Maybe prior to the "fight" and bag snatching . . . maybe even rewind to the pub with my work mates & just gone straight home from there (which I normally do) but then again I guess that's just not me. I always end up being the one who picks up all the pieces . . . Jim had no way to calm Becks down - I talked her down explaining that now that the bankcard was cancelled all he'd gotten was an old brolly, her dirty jumper, plasters(band aids), diary (day planner) and a wallet full of nothing!

I KNOW! I KNOW, I must have been there at that moment for a reason (calming the hysterical down) but at this point in time I'm exhausted & wishing I'd not been there - is that bad of me? I know now that it's nearly 2am that I'm going to be overtired tomorrow & pissed off that I was up so late & to be honest I have nobody to blame but myself. I could have left after I knew the bag was nicked. I could have left after they were at the nick (police station). I could have left when the fight was breaking out. I could have walked way when there was drama looking for the bag. I could have left when she was hysterical about cancelling her card or even when they got to the police station. I could have buggered off before going to the section house for a cuppa (cup of tea) with Eyeball. But no, miss nice person that I am thought it best to stay till she was calm, worrying if she didn't the boy by her side would just get frustrated with her & leave her.

Well I'm ruddy exhausted now, so going to hit the rest button for the night & get some kip!

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At 26 April, 2008 05:50, Blogger Zee said...

Oh yeah, I feel that way sometimes. (And sometimes I even wish there was an "un-do" command I could use for life...) Sounds like you were a good friend to me in spite of your annoyance at the situation. (And hell, it coulda been worse - could have been YOUR purse that was nicked! :)

Anyway, good on ya for being there when folks needed you and I hope you get to get some good rest tomorrow!


At 26 April, 2008 13:30, Blogger Sara said...

true that about MY purse not getting nicked! slept in today & feeling much better now and PLUS the sun is out in London today :) :) :)

At 28 April, 2008 09:54, Blogger BRAINCHEESE said...

Baby Jesus brought you a ray of sunshine for being such a kind soul! Either that or, the sun was already planned for the day...sigh...LOL

Linda D. in Seattle

At 28 April, 2008 15:03, Blogger Sara said...

we did get sun on saturday so that must be it :)

At 29 April, 2008 14:24, Anonymous dad said...

wow...a busy night at the pubs! good concept with the re set button or the re wind button on the CCTV!

you are a great gal! i know that

At 30 April, 2008 14:39, Anonymous Amanda said...

This is why people love having you as a friend.

Remember when H's flatmate had her wallet stolen while she was holding her purse and it was zipped up?!?!? Those London snatchers are highly skilled.

You know someone named Eyeball??


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