Tuesday, April 22

Shell Wildlife Photographer @ Natural History Museum!

In all the excitement of my possible new future I forgot to tell you my exciting weekend story:
I went to see the Shell Wildlife Photographer exhibit at the Natural History Museum on Saturday and learned that I have crap art taste in photos - I typically enjoyed the runner up or even the honourable mention more than the winner, but then again what do we know about art?!?!?!

I was suppose to meet up with a guy (Ayo) I use to work with a boy scout camp many many moons ago and who I hadn't seen in just as many moons. So I called Ayo up & decided to meet him in Camden as he was staying in Shepard's Bush & I don't know a thing about that area at all. Rob & I met him at the tube & went to the Tup, where upon we were stopped by bouncers . . . WTH I thought, bouncers, they never have bouncers & then I heard loud music coming from inside & noticed lots of signs posted everywhere saying "NO ID = NO ENTRY" - I wondered what on earth was going on. I slightly worried as A) this has never happened before, but then again I haven't been to the pub in probably 3 weeks so maybe something drastic had happened whilst I've been gone and B) I don't carry any ID with me to tell I'm over 18 (hello I'm 30 do I really need any?!?!?!)

Come to find out this weekend was the Camden Pub Crawl (ya know you have to pay £40 for a pass kinda deal in order to hear all these up & coming bands in all the different pubs) well NO WAY was I paying £40!! Luckily just as we arrived our mate Ray (manager of the pub) was coming out & he let us in with the special passes . Hung out there for a few hours - got a bite to eat & then left b/c the bands SUCKED (I fear for the future of the music industry, if these are the up & coming bands we're in trouble!!!!)

From there Ayo went back to SB and Rob & I went to go home UNTIL Rob suddenly wondered how he was to get to his new home (come on you have to be laughing rather hard right now as you know Rob well enough to know he's not the type to look panicked but he was - it was hysterical). I tried to ask without laughing and without sounding sarcastic, "don't you know how to get to my new home?" to which I got a reply of "no not really"
"well how in the hell did you get to south kens earlier today?"
"Jim dropped me off at the tube on his way home to Nottingham"
"okay, call him" (attempt failed as Jim didn't answer his phone) "alright, let's go to my place & look it up on TFL"
now as most people already know in order to use TFL you need a destination (tube station, post code, etc) come to find out he didn't know that part of the process so it made it rather hard. to make the next rather not so amusing part where he proceeded to get upset with me & the computer & the website for not being able to figure out how to get him home - I finally just said, "you can kip on the couch and figure it out in the morning" because by this time he was going to run the risk of not getting the last tube or needing special night buses - he really is a mess at times. I don't know how he (or Jim for that matter) survive - utterly amazing!!

On Sunday after all that excitement my day was much calmer - Rob & I went to breakfast at Mamma Mia's (ya know red awning place next to the Assembly House, near where I use to live in KT) from there he got on the tube & as I haven't heard from him since I think he's made it safely back home.

From there I went to meet up with Gen and we wondered around the streets of chalk farm/primrose hill area since the sun was sorta out & we wanted to take advantage of that fact. Then after that I went food shopping and did 2 loads of laundry & spoke to my sister, mum & dad, before going to bed.

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At 24 April, 2008 01:39, Anonymous dad said...

fasinating to hear about Rob! say hi from me!

At 24 April, 2008 03:18, Blogger BRAINCHEESE said...

I become exhausted just READING about your adventures. :-)

Linda D. in Seattle

At 25 April, 2008 11:35, Blogger Sara said...

will do :)

ms. cheesewiz:
ah well, all in a good days work - lol


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