Monday, April 14

Girls Gone Wild with chocolate in Brussels

Lara & I went to Brussels for the weekend & here are a few of our photos . . .

top of building in the grand palace

Belgian waffle with strawberries & whip cream


Lara & me with mannekin pis

wittimer's chocolate window display

taste testing the chocolates

Lara & me at the fountain in parc de bruxelles

me & Lara "on" the atomLara & me with the atom of iron

We arrived Friday night at 10pm, went straight to the hotel, got dinner near the hotel and went to bed. Got up on Saturday took the metro to Bourse station. Walked to Grand Palace looked at the hotel deville, eat a Belgian waffle in the square, wandered around enjoying the sun. From there we walked down to see Manneken-Pis (the wee boy pissing above), from there we headed for a bit of chocolate taste testing in place du grand sablon. Walked up to the Palais de Justice, over to the jardin d'egmont, and up to the musee des beaux arts, through parc de bruxelles, continued up to parc du jardin botanique. Then took the metro back to Bourse station to go to dinner at Le Flagstaff where we both had mussels - YUM! Back to the hotel for sleep. Sunday was sunny & warm again so we headed up to the Atonium (atom of iron from 1956 world fair) and then back to the grand palace for yet another waffle, wonder about the souvenir shops and hang out in the sun. Dinner near the hotel at a really nice place and then back to the Eurostar for our train back to London.

It was a great weekend break!!!

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At 15 April, 2008 03:45, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Two such beautiful girls on a lovely weekend. So glad you had such a good time--and ooo, that chocolate.

Love, Mum

At 15 April, 2008 14:05, Anonymous Amanda said...

You guys could be sisters! I'm so glad you showed the pissing boy. My parents LOVED that when they went there. Odd? Possibly, but you've met them... I'm glad you had fun!

You look gorgeous by the way! L-town's been good to you?

At 15 April, 2008 16:16, Blogger Sara said...

Thanks mum!!

Amanda, we enjoyed the pissing boy as well . . . what can I say, it's the little things that make us happy :)


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