Wednesday, April 2

Praying for Tricia, her family & donor families around the world

So I just read on Nate's blog that they've gotten a call about a possible set of lungs for her transplant - I cannot begin to think how she & Nate are feeling right now - here I am thousands of miles away & my entire bus ride home tonight all I could think about was how exciting this could be if this set of lungs are the right ones & how disappointing it could be if they're not the right match. I also thought about the poor person who had to pass away in order for these lungs to be available.

I honestly cannot think of any monetary donation which could compare to the selflessness of people who donate organs, which is why once again I'm going to ask all of my readers to consider becoming an organ donor. If you don't feel you can become an organ donor, then please donate some cash to help Nate's Personal CF Great Strides Fundraising Goal. He figured if every person who visits his blog every day were to donate just $1, he would more than double his goal of $10,000 - which is just awesome. When he posted that he was at 20% of his goal & when I just checked it a few minutes ago I realised he's reached 40%, but that's still means that everyone who visits hasn't given JUST $1 . . . I think donating a dollar is something EVERY one of my readers can afford. Please give it a thought, you probably have $1 in your pocket in change, which you could spare.

And if you can't be an organ donor, can't give $1, then you at least can spend a few seconds praying for Tricia, her family & don't forget the donor's family!!

Thanks & have a good Wednesday!

Update 23.29 BST: Just read that the transplant is a go for Tricia - how exciting!!!

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At 02 April, 2008 23:53, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've signed up to be an organ donor on my driver's liceense and put the info with my will. I will pray for Tricia and her family.

Love, Mommio

At 02 April, 2008 23:58, Blogger Sara said...

thanks mum!!!!!!!!

At 03 April, 2008 15:40, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm registered as an organ donor and give blood on a regular basis (in our house, it's just a given that we strongly believe in organ donation and contributing in any manner we can to CF research and fundraising) and am hanging by a thread waiting for word of Tricia. We know first-hand how difficult lung transplant surgeries are and are praying for Tricia, Nate and Gwyneth!

At 31 May, 2008 15:37, Blogger MilePost13 said...

Thank you!


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