Monday, March 31

Camera Photos & last of my March Challenge

So this weekend started BST (British Summer Time) for those of us who were on GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) which means we're back to being 5 hours ahead of New York. The part I enjoy most about the switch to BST is that it's light out MUCH later, making me a happy bunny!! So I took a few photos on my camera phone tonight to show you how light it was, but then realised I had lots of old photos on that memory card from in & around London, so here they all are for your viewing pleasure . . . (I know you've been dying to see them ;)
bad photo of a cool painting at the Wallace Collection
view out my back window at 19.35 tonight!
random slightly weird photo of me
one of my new toys which I got whilst in Germany paying in US$ - can't wait to get this set up in my flat!!
this photos is primarily for Miss A & her boyfriend. This is Long Mountain wine, similar only in name to the White Mountain wine we use to drink on Tuesday nights during our MSc year. Our mate Meredith found it & bought it for our dinner one night, in honour of our White Mountain days. This wine however was the same price, but MUCH better than WM (which was just crap!)
a photo from inside the NEW St Pancras International Train Station - it is pretty cool & this photo does it no justice - you'll just have to visit me to see it in person :)
in comparison here is Paddington Station
remember I told you how I spent 2 days cleaning our labs . . . well here is the JUNK I cleaned out of one of our 3 tissue culture hoods
here it is post cleaning :)
view out my front window at 19.40 tonight . . . don't you just love all that light!!!!!

Being that today is the last day of March I figured I should reel off a few things I'm thankful for today:
  • British Summer Time (aka more sunlight in the evenings)
  • Plants in my flat which make me happy
  • washing machine in my flat so I don't have to go to the launderette!!!
  • PG Tips (tea) it's waaaaaay better than Tetley or Lipton or any crap American brand tea
  • my new iLuv stereo for my iPod!!
  • my new DVD player (also bought at Ramstein) which plays DivX ;-) DVDs meaning my mates in Germany can send me 1 DVD with 4 movies on it - YEAH BABY YEAH!!!!
  • my mate 'Topher who is going to let me kip on his couch whilst I'm in St Petersberg, Russia this coming May
  • especially thankful to Sally at for helping me to sort out my Russian Visa (which I hope to mail off tomorrow via Special Delivery Royal Mail)
  • my mate Andy who made THE BEST steak & ale pie with mash last night - it was DELICIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • and last bit not least, the sun, which came out today for the first time in a long time, making it possible for it still to be bright out at half 7 when I came home tonight!

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At 02 April, 2008 23:55, Anonymous Anonymous said...

loved the photos, the one of you is an interesting shot. makes you look very different

Love, Mom--oh, he, LOVE THE LIGHT

At 02 April, 2008 23:59, Blogger Sara said...

I'm luvin the light as well - it's GRRRRRRRRRRRRREAT (as tony the tiger would say)


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