Tuesday, March 25

Ramstein's Easter Fun-filled Weekend

Just back from visiting Neala, Ben, Chris, Nik, and Katelynn (along with Melissa, Mike, Madison & Blake) on Ramstein Air Base (Germany). Had a great time, even though it was freezing cold & snowing (lol)

Here are a few photos from the weekend
Blake & Melissa

Mike, Nik and Ben playing video games

Chris & Madison

Neala & me - don't know what we found so funny, but something!

Katelynn with her dad (Ben)

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At 25 March, 2008 23:33, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love the photos. Wish I knew the relationship between all those happy people!

Love, Mom

At 26 March, 2008 00:10, Blogger Sara said...

Ben is Mike T's mate & married to Neala, they have 3 children, Chris (15), Nik (13), and Katelynn (11)

Mike & Melissa are mates of theirs from the base and have 2 children, Maidson (4) and Blake (2)


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