Thursday, March 27

Brazil 1 - 0 Sweden

Got a free ticket to the Brazil v Sweden football match last night at Emirates Stadium (where The Gunners play). It has a seating capacity of 60,355 and last night there were 60,221, darn good for an international friendly match, I think.

So you're wondering how I'm so lucky to get a free ticket are you???? Well my best mate, Jim called me up while I was on the bus heading home. He asked if I was free, I said yes, he said to meet him at the Tup (our local) in 20 minutes, I said okay. He showed up & off we went to the match. It wasn't raining hard when we got there, but by half time it was raining what I would say is not heavy, just consistently, so it became very damp & the wind really picked up, so we were a bit chilly. Of course I wasn't prepared to sit outside at the stadium since I was coming home from work, but it was still fun :)

The part which also played a key role in keeping us warm was doing the Mexican wave. The second best part was when Brazil scored in the second half . . . to be honest the first half was a bit boring, aside from a bit of fancy foot work from Robinho (who btw shares my b'day!)

And for those of you wondering how my March Challenge is going, I'm thankful to have such generous mates to give me free tickets to football matches and wonderful mates in Germany who let me visit for Easter!!

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