Thursday, April 12

Been awhile, I know . . .

so since I last blogged a week ago, lots has happened. I'll bullet them so you don't get as bored reading all the mundane details:

  • Made a veggy curry for Jim, Estee, Stephen (E's cousin), and Zarina on Thursday night
  • Went to the Isle of Wight from Saturday to Monday
  • to get there you have to take a train from Waterloo to Portsmouth & then a 15 minute ferry over to Ryde Pier
  • I spent most of my time there relaxing in the garden & walking on the beach
  • I stayed at Claverton House, my friend Jeremy's dad & step mom own it
  • I went to Brent Cross yesterday & bought a few things at H&M and M&S - this was the first "mall" type place I've ever seen in London, it was pretty cool, but I don't think I'd fancy being there on a weekend!!!
  • I got the BT phone line activated at our house (after 2 hours of phone calls!)
  • I researched to find a good international phone & broadband plan
  • I watched North Country - interesting movie!
  • Opened my Easter present from my lil sis - had mint double stuffed OREOs, a king KitKat bar, and the coolest kite, can't wait to try it out - wish I'd thought to bring it to the IofW!!
  • Watched Million Dollar Baby - another good flick!
  • Met my newest flatmate, Antonio - he's moving in at the weekend

So I think that's about it, gotta grab some lunch now, I'm freakin starvin!!

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