Sunday, August 6

Good flick

So two good flicks that I've seen recently & recommend are:

Bride & Prejudice (traditional family anxious to marry all 4 girls by creators of Bend it Like Beckham)


Suzie Gold (Jewish girl in North London who's sis is getting married to the "perfect" Jewish boy)

In other news, Happy Birthday to Robin Van Persie. I think he's my new Arsenal crush, I love Thierry, but I sorta like to cheer for a player who isn't as nationally (or internationally for that matter) popular, ya know what I mean? Course if Robin keeps it up, he'll be just as popular very soon - lol.

He was born in Rotterdam (Netherlands), he's the striker and his squad number is 11. He joined the team just over 2 years ago. He was in his first World Cup, starting in all of Holland’s games and scoring a free-kick to beat the Ivory Coast. His idol is Dennis Bergkamp, who is now retired :( but there are hopes Robin will replace Dennis as Arsenal's resident Dutch "master". Team manager, Arsène Wenger, says that he has every chance of doing just that!!

Well I better get back to my work now, just wanted to give ya my movie recommendations & my new mini crush update :)

TBIAS (too bad it's already sunday)

Tarra & Toodle-pip


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