Thursday, July 13

Cambridge 8 July 2006

As I mentioned earlier, I went up to Cambridge with 6 of my mates from uni. this past Saturday, 2 of them graduated from Trinity Hall so they got us a punt & we punted on the river for 2 hours eating strawberries, freshly baked tomato & olive oil bread with local goat cheese, and drinking Pims with Lemonade - it was a totally British adventure!

Amanda, Doug (our talented punter), Sohel and Susan

Jen, Dom, me

Sohel punting, Doug and Susan with Pims & Lemonade

We had lunch at the famous Eagle Pub, where all the military guys wrote their names on the ceiling then toured a few more of the colleges, before heading off to my ex-fiance's step aunt's house (can you follow that one!?!?!?) His step aunt (Kathy) is from Providence, RI, but married a guy (Tim) who's from England so now they live in Cambridge with their two children Jackson (12) and Bella (6). Kathy's mom (Vivian) and step dad (Poppa as I call him) had just arrived from RI to visit for a month so it was like a mini reunion :) It was fantastic!! They fed & watered us for 4 hours, while we sat in their garden laughing & swapping stories . . . it was JUST SO PERFECT!!!! Just what we all needed, relaxing, fun, low key evening!

Well I need to get back to work, or actually it's almost 11pm, get to bed is more like it!


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