Saturday, June 17

Evening update

So we just got back from the pub . . . DON'T worry we were watching the USA v Italy World Cup game, we had pints of water with lemon in them!!!

So the score at the moment, half time, is 1-1 (yeah) On our way home we got some chocolate to melt over our fresh raspberries that we picked up earlier 3 punets for £1, what a deal!!!

So my new word for the day is "pernicious" gonna try to use it on the exam Monday or Tuesday.

Also wanted to take this moment to brag a wee bit about myself. Earlier Dave (mate from uni) was IMing me to ask me a question related to the exams & I actually knew the answer, then he asked me to "test" him on a few things so I ran through the toll-like receptors (TLRs) which he knew all about, then I threw a curve ball & asked if he knew about alternatively activated macrophages or DC-SIGN & guess what, he didn't & I did :)

In otherinterestingg news from this week, MissyLou & I have successfully eaten 2lbs of cherries in just over 24 hours along with 1.5L of orange-pineapple squash juice (remember you dilute this stuff 1:6, or more when you're drinking as much as we are) which means we've drunk about 15L of squash liquid since Monday when we ran out food shopping this past Monday!!


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