Saturday, June 17

We've been up for hours now . . .

Louise woke up at 4am and I woke up at 6am . . . What's that about you might be asking yourselves? Well I think it's the "oh crap our final exams is just around the corner" feeling starting to sink into our little brains!

To add insult to injury, Lou went to make tea this morning & as she poured the milk in (as you have to have when you're in England!) it "looked thicker than normal" (we keep skim in the flat, but apparently it looked like semi-skim) so she checked the date, it was supposedly good till Monday and then she sniffed it, at which point I hear, "does this smell ok?" So I lean over take a big whiff & say, "it smells like bread that's going off, sorta yeastish." Needless to say we did not use this milk, but this meant no tea for the morning :( Luckily some nice people in the states have supplied us with Lemon Zinger tea, so MissyLou cleaned out the mugs & filled them with herbal tea, not quite the same as caffeinated tea, but it will have to do!

Now that we're both showered, we're gonna get started with our oh so fun studying *giggles*


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