Sunday, June 18

Only a few more hours left

Well it's my earliest start yet, thanks to some crazy crows outside our window this morning, who were scared of a wee cat that was prancing around below the tree.

So I have a HUGE bug bite on my leg, it was itchy & sore yesterday, but this morning it is now twice the size & I have two more!! What is up with that?!?!?! The two news ones, one of which on the back of my leg, doesn't so much bother me, but the one of my right hand pointer finger (top segment) is REALLY bloody annoying . . . it is swollen and rather sore. I've put Germaline on it as Lou advised me, but no relief yet. Just hope the swelling goes down by tomorrow (and doesn't balloon up more like my leg did!!)

Okay, getting offline so I can focus on work, MissyLou just left for teaching & will be back around 1.30/2pm :) till then I'm on my own for reading & reviewing . . .


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