Sunday, May 21

Well it's 11.26am BST (British Summer Time) and Patty & Matt just left a little while ago to head to the London Dungeon, Churchill's Cabinet War Rooms & the National Galleries (not sure how long they will last there as Patty's not a huge fan of museums)

We had dinner last night with Amanda & Susan - got curries from across the road & made rice at home :) Tonight MissyLou & Jeremy are coming up for dinner. Nothing else big planned for this week, gonna play it by ear ya know. Jim & Rob are working nights till Tuesday, so we're gonna try to get together one night after that, but again nothing planned as of yet.

Well I'm going to finish my Cheerios and try to get some reading done. It's another rainy day in London, not sure Patty & Matt will get any sunny weather :( forecast doesn't look promising


At 22 May, 2006 13:35, Blogger Sara said...

The queue at the dungeon was too long so they skipped it but they did get fish & chips for lunch so they were happy!

They really enjoyed the cabinet war rooms (one of my favs too)


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