Friday, May 19

Airbus A380

So the Airbus A380 arrived at London's Heathrow airport yesterday. This is super exciting to me since my sister is one of the test engineers on the engines that could be used to fly this plane (Engine Alliance GP7200 turbo fans). This plane had the rolls royce engines on it, but the size of the engine is the same (MASSIVE, I saw while it was still in CT)

Click here to see the article about it's arrival. You can actually see a video of it's landing on that site as well. In it you will see other planes & trucks on the ground to give you an idea of it's size!

The A380 is 240 feet in length and 80 feet high (that's about equal to 6 double decker buses) . It made its maiden flight in April 2005 in Toulouse, France (home of Airbus Industrie). As of May 12, four A380s had carried out 367 test flights, the equivalent of 1,238 flight hours.


At 19 May, 2006 13:13, Blogger PCS said...

Thank heavens for Emirate Air because far fewer Airbus planes would be using the American turbofan engines.


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