Thursday, May 18

News from Portland & London

Sunny, warm and VERY windy here in London today - almost looks at times like it's snowing so much "crap" is flying around outside - the clouds are moving so fast, it's amazing to watch them!

Let's see what else is new? I have an interview tomorrow with two labs at LSHTM, Greg and Ulrich - will keep you posted on that front :)
The biggest problem would be getting a work permit, since the school does not typically help techs, just post docs.

So here are two photos from Portland - isn't my mum just the cutest??

Mom in her Arsenal t-shirt yesterday

Mom's house freshly painted & with Japanese Maple & ferns in front
(they were hidden in the backyard, but she moved them)


At 19 May, 2006 20:05, Blogger Shannon said...

Mommio is the CUTEST! I really love the color of the looks wonderful!!! It's a really cute style too. Where's the contractor that is going to be Sara's husband? LOL...and the father of MY godchild. (Had to give you some of that back, since Eric and I have had to hear you give it to us!!!).

At 19 May, 2006 22:52, Blogger Sara said...

yeah found out he's married with kids already :( just gonna have to find another one


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