Thursday, November 12

TB Clinic Discharge

It's official the TB clinic has discharged me :)

They actually said I don't need to finish my 5 weeks of medicine, but I'm going to double check that with the doctor who gave it to me, just to make sure. I don't hold total faith in the clinic here.

Today the doctor argued with me about how to pronounce the disease I work on . . . starting off by saying, "I think you'll find that here in Britain we say, blah blah blah, but as you're Australian you say it differently." I was good & just said, "okay" but really don't you think after 3 years if I'd been pronouncing Burkholderia psuedomallei incorrectly that someone would have told me?? I mean there are some differences in the way I say tomato and basil, but her pronunciation was totally off!

ok, back to work now . . .

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At 13 November, 2009 19:07, Blogger jen said...

What, you are Australian?


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