Thursday, November 5

CanAm Thanksgiving

For those of you who are still reading this, I think we might be down to just my dad, but I'm off track already! Some of you might have realised that my travel plans to India happen to be the same week as American Thanksgiving. Obviously this is not a holiday celebrated over here in jolly old England, nor will there be turkey with all the trimmings in India either.

Instead, my Canadian mate Jen & I have come up with a super duper idea/plan. Being that Canadian Thanksgiving is in the beginning of October & American Thanksgiving at the end of November, we're making up CanAm Thanksgiving to be held this coming Saturday, November 7, 2009!

We like to think of it when two holidays become one. We of course decided this only moments ago, as for any American or Canadian reading this will know, we're a bit behind on the whole planning part, so gotta go figure a few things out, like where to get a turkey (LOL)!!

To start off the season right, I'd like to say, that I'm thankful to my dad for his phone call last night and I'm thankful for all the volunteer ambulance members like my mum and lastly for today I'm thankful for my sister's ability to make me laugh so hard I would definitely be squirting milk out of my nose if I'd been drinking it when we were speaking!

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At 06 November, 2009 03:06, Anonymous DAD said...

i'm a readin'

nice note and a great idea to split the difference on the dates. enjoy it! Canadian T Day is on the USA's Columbus Day...for the record!

love, dad

At 06 November, 2009 11:31, Blogger Sara said...

thanks again Dad for checking in :)


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