Tuesday, June 23

INH side effects take their toll!

Well aside from total exhaustion by 8pm, I'm doing fine & only 160ish days left on these lovely INH pills! Mornings & evenings are my greatest down fall, but I'm good to go during work hours, which is a plus.

Don't have to worry about the lack of alcohol I'm allowed because really I'm not awake long enough to want it (lol) I'm not planning any more trips either, cause I think weekends away really knock me out - learned that the hard way this past weekend. I flew to Frankfurt Friday night, was in bed by midnight & up at 6am for our all day Rhine River Castle & River Tour, in bed by 10pm & slept till 10am, in bed by 11pm Sunday, yet Monday I was horribly tired all day long - no matter how much caffeine I had I just couldn't get on track. So I'm sticking with my one weekend a month plan - I had considered adding a few road trips in but I'm saying oya (sounds like oh yeah but means no in Kinyarwanda) for now. Doc said maybe after a month or so my body will get more use to this & energy will come back or might get even more exhausted, I'm hoping for the increased energy, but either way I'll manage - I mean if people in Rwanda can have TB without medicine & probably have malaria on top of it - then I can suffer through 6 months of antibiotics, right????

I've been chatting with my mate Nim who's going to Rwanda in September, hence the "oya" reference above - I've been teaching her little words I remember - she's so excited & I'm soooooooooo jealous! She's going with Rwanda Aid, a UK based organisation - I'm intrigued to hear her stories!

Here is a funny story about my fight on Friday from Heathrow to Frankfurt, where I learned I really need to get myself some business cards! Who did I randomly get to sit next to???? None other than a woman named Mary Oloo who is the director of Umbrella Widows & Orphans in Kisumu, Kenya. Everyone else on the plane was German or British & we end up seated together - what are the chances?!?!?! She gave me her business card & was told me how she was on her way to Germany to meet with future volunteers who will go to Kenya for a year & help teach hygiene, English, basket weaving, cooking, pottery, etc. She said the next time I go to Rwanda, I will have to come & visit her for a week & teach about hygiene - I said yego (sounds like yeah-go - Kinyrwanda for yes)!

I'm hoping to have some photos to share with you soon, but I do have visitors arriving tomorrow for a week & between the fact that there will be 5 of us in my one room flat & that I have to work, I'm not sure if I'll actually get them posted in any sort of timely fashion, sorry!

I might be able to find a few from when I was stateside & get them up later today - fingers crossed!

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At 24 June, 2009 21:28, Anonymous DAD said...

wow..sorry to hear the drugs are tht debilitating for you...but,at least you have the drugs to take!

sounds like lightening up is the thing to do...good luck with the 5 visitors this week. love ya, dad

At 25 June, 2009 15:20, Anonymous Dave C. said...

Sounds like the INH pills have similar side effects to having kids! Sorry to hear that they are knocking you on your butt. Hopefully you'll get the "more energy" possibility in a month or so. Keep on keep'n on...


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