Thursday, March 12

not slipped but rather twisted vertabrae

that's the good news! the bad news, no quick, painless fix, but with a good osteopath & a few weeks I should be back to normal. the osteo spent close to an hour talking & examining it (unlike NHS doc) and then explained the difference between slipped & twisted and then moved it back into place. not instant solution, but it's been about 10 hours & i can say it is feeling better. tomorrow night i have an appt with a personal trainer at the gym so i'm sure not to injure myself more in this "getting better" time period.

on different notes
1) i'm still awaiting news from my cousin in dallas, tx who was suppose to give birth to a girl yesterday - fingers crossed the delay is just cause their side tracked with excitement!
2) went to see surveillance (movie) tonight & i will give it 2 thumbs down!

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At 13 March, 2009 17:21, Blogger PCS said...

Maybe you should go visit one of those famous British homeopaths.

At 19 March, 2009 16:07, Blogger Sara said...

i would, but the osteo seems to have sorted me out for now, so i'll stick with him!


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