Sunday, March 1

Knackered, but alive!

So I joined a new gym, cause the one I was going to rather infrequently was a bit too much of a muscle head gym, don't get me wrong the muscle heads were nice, but I'm not into looking like Arnold, just wanna stay healthy & it's hard when there is only 2 treadmills, 1 cross-trainer (elliptical), and 1 bike compared to a HUGE room of free weights.

Of course when you join a new gym they make you do a "health check" which I think is basically to make you feel about as bad about yourself as possible & then let them explain all the ways they can "help" or "fix" you. No I'll be the first to admit I'm not a fitness queen by any means, I mean for goodness sakes before I went to the gym tonight I made 4 dozen carrot cake muffins (I rationalised they're healthy cause they have fresh grated carrot in them, right?? sorta like how Fanta l'orange is good for you cause it's orange & not black like coke!) Okay I digress, my point is that I signed up for the gym, went to this health check to learn I could be healthier & then let the trainer "show me" what I should be doing. Basically I'm good with all the weight training activities it's the CV which I suck the most at! I mean I thought I was going to die when he put the treadmill on 10kph at a 5 degree incline & asked me to run for 5 minutes . . . after 2 minutes I was felt like I was dying, so he thought he'd "help" by lowering the speed to 7kph, but increasing the incline to 15 degrees, now I ask you, HOW is that helping me??? 2 minutes later he said okay so you get the idea, you'll run (10kph) for 5 minutes flat, then increase to incline 5 for another 5 minutes, then up to 15 incline dropping speed to 7kph for last 5minutes. I of course smiled & said okay, only cause the machine was stopped & I was trying to catch my breath & "OK" was about all I could say at that point!

I will need to work on that program for sure, but the good thing was the trainer was very friendly & motivating so I'm ever hopeful this torture, I mean program he's given me will be enjoyable, after of course I'm done with it for the day :)



At 02 March, 2009 14:49, Anonymous susiej said...

Good for you... I actually love to work out; but I'm detest gyms. Socialness and working out never mixed in my book. So, I have several routines I've worked out at home, mostly an hour of yoga, with cardio added 4x/week.

I like your logic with the carrot muffins... sounds good to me.

But, get that heart in shape, girl!

At 02 March, 2009 22:02, Blogger Sara said...

thanks susiej, i'm workin on it :)

At 09 March, 2009 01:59, Anonymous Louise said...

I like the carrot muffin idea too!! I need to get back in the pool...I cannot imagine you not getting enough always seem to be on the go!!


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