Sunday, February 22

American living in Germany visit England

My mate who I stayed with over Christmas came to visit this past weekend. They arrived Thursday morning when I was at work, but luckily I'd posted them keys, directions & oyster cards, so they were able to get from Heathrow to my flat without a hitch. They then went out exploring during the day & we all met up at dinner time at Piccadilly Circus tube station. That night we saw Phantom of the Opera. Friday I went to work, they went sight seeing & we met up that night to go to the Absolute Ice Bar in London (photo #1: Kaylie, Neala, & Ben in an ice cube, photo #2: Neala, Ben & Kaylie in the bar in their funky capes, photo #3: me & Kaylie enjoying freezing our butts off in the ice bar - lol) Saturday we woke up, went to my local farmers market & then to see Wicked (matinee showing), then over to London Bridge to see Tower Bridge, cause everyone knows seeing London Bridge is nothing to see! Then we walked over to Liverpool Street Station & over to Kings Cross for dinner, before heading up to Camden to meet up with Nim & Andy for a drink before heading home. Today they got up & went to the London Eye and we met up in Camden to go to the markets, then back into the city to Piccadilly Circus to see "She's Not That Into You" which is a hysterically funny movie (Ben laughed too!!) and then back to Kentish Town to see Rob & Mark for about an hour, now they're packing & I'm playing on the internet :)

I love having visitors, but when they arrive the day after I've gotten back from the USA, it's a bit exhausting trying to be chipper when tour guiding, jet-lag sucks!!

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