Wednesday, March 11

26th country visited!

So you might be wondering how many countries there are in the world, right?? Well here is the answer I've chosen to go with the 192 answer but let it be known that when I count my list of where I've been, I count Scotland, Wales, and England separately and I include Vatican City as well - these are of course how the total number of countries in the world ranges from 190 - 195! Which means by my calculations, I've been to 13.5% of the world's countries. How many have you been to?????? If you're interested in which I've been to, I'll put it in the comments section.

Okay back to the point of my story, Mum & I are back from Marrakech, Morocco - it was a fabulous trip & I'm now putting Morocco on my top 5 countries to visit. As some of you know whilst I was in Morocco I slipped a disk in my back on Saturday morning - nothing to do with the visit or prior injuries, just one of those "random things that happens when you're old" (to quote the NHS doctor.) My back still has not responded to any of the pain meds I've been given, but I'm meeting with an osteopath tomorrow who thinks he can help & said that without x-rays it's hard to diagnose a slipped disk so it's possible it's something even easier to "fix" so I'm ever hopeful about that!!!!

Sadly, my mum left for Gatwick this morning at 6am. OMG, I didn't tell you, when I got home last night I was trying to find my camera to upload my photos & couldn't find it, but decided to have mum look cause ya know when you panic you sometimes don't see what's right in front of you . . . well after 2 searches mum couldn't find it either, but I remember having it in my green rucksack at the airport in Morocco, so I call the lovely Holiday Inn where we stayed Sunday night & oh yes, they have found a camera in the room (RELIEF!!!) Now I just have to go out to LGW on Saturday to pick it up. I'm just so glad it's been found, cause A) it has my photos from Morocco on it, B) I can't really afford a new camera right now, and C) I LOVE that camera, it's been all over the world with me!!

Well got 4 emails from my boss who's in Thailand this week, so I best go read & respond so he doesn't think I'm faffing about whilst he's gone & as soon as I get my camera back at the weekend I will try to post some photos & stories about our trip.

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At 11 March, 2009 09:49, Blogger Sara said...

In no particular order:
Costa Rica
Czech Republic
Vatican City
South Africa

At 11 March, 2009 16:07, Blogger jen said...

I have not been to many countries. Let's see: Scotland, England, Canada, Mexico, Venezuela, Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Hungary, France, Bermuda... Hmm, I'm not sure which Caribbean islands count as a separate country? I've been to most of the Caribbean, at least 16 different islands that I can think of right now.

At 11 March, 2009 20:00, Blogger Sara said...

jenn, that sounds darn good to me!


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