Friday, March 13

inspection & economic thought

got the big wigs coming in for an inspection of the building today and our boss is outta the country, next in line doesn't work on friday, next in line is at our other campus working, next in line would be me & co-worker t . . . we're not exactly happy or excited about this inspection - i mean i'm sure we'll do fine, but it's still just a little nerve wrecking waiting around for him/her/them to arrive & start firing away questions at us.

back is feeling better, not back to normal by any means, but slightly less pain & i dare say more rom (range of motion) so i'm hoping that's a sign that my vertebrae have stayed in place like i want them to!

heard an idea yesterday, government should dole out the stimulus check as a gift card, then you'd have to put it back into the economy . . . what do you think? i think it's a darn good idea, since people love to shop & will even if they don't have the money thanks to credit cards! okay that's my 2 pence for the day.

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