Friday, January 16

Would you date these guys?

So my mates Lucie, Nicola and I went out the other night and ended up speaking with a few guys - We all agreed it was well worth the giggle factor after the fact. Do you reckon you'd date any of these guys??

Guy #1:
has a job
well travelled

no sense of humour
biologically 39 but acts 59
complained how in Brazil & South Africa people try to mug him (attempt to show off money?)
brags about never taking public transport in London
drives a Bentley convertible

Guy #2:
not even going to go for a pros & con list after you hear his intelligent convo . . .
"fancy a f*** after a drink you dirty little minx"

my mate's reply:
"sorry i have other plans so unfortunately i can't give your callused palms a reprieve"

Guy #3:
couldn't say much cause he was so drunk that whenever he opened his mouth all that came out was drool & moans, understand we went out at 7pm, so apparently they'd been drinking ALL day long.

So take your pick, which would you choose?



At 17 January, 2009 01:03, Blogger jen said...

what's #2 look like? if he's hot i've got no problem with his conversational skills. hey, he offered to buy a drink first!


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