Tuesday, January 6

home to london

i made it safely back to london on sunday night & had a great time in germany - just trying to sort out how to upload the photos as the DVD we made doesn't seem to work :( too much stuff to do at the moment to write about it all, but we did manage to have christmas at melissa & mike's house (mike, melissa, madison, blake, ben, neala, neala's mum, chris, nik, katelynn, kaylie & me) then off via train to heidleberg (sans mike & melissa's family) on boxing day, then to triberg via car on the 27th (sans nik who spent the night throwing up) only to have kaylie end up getting sick the whole day too so she slept in the car in the -12C temps, but all bundled up in fleece blankets while the rest of us wondered around & visited the largest coocoo clock in the world! 28th & 29th we spent rather low keyish as nik & kaylie were still under the weather, 30th neala, kaylie & I went shopping at the BX and booked a trip to munich, 31st we didn't go out late cause our train left from kaiserslauten at 6.10am so we packed & watched movies with the kids. 31st kaylie, katelynn & i went to munich for 2 nights & 3 days - a day trip out to oberaumenagau (sp?) and to see linderoff & neuschwanstein castles (built by King Ludwig II) all in all it was great - thanks to ben's military issue long johns that is!!!!

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At 07 January, 2009 15:26, Anonymous Dave C. said...

Sounds like a great trip overall. I'm looking forward to your pictures.

Too bad about your friends getting ill. I feel bad for them... I had a similar experience on a road trip to Boston back in college. We decided to drive to Boston on a Friday night, spend all day Saturday sightseeing, and then drive straight back. Unfortunately, I had a container of dry gas spill all over me while sleeping in the cargo area of an SUV on the way there. You haven't lived until you've washed your pants in a gas station sink at 2 AM! I must have absorbed some chemicals through my skin because I got quite sick. I'm mildly proud of vomiting in the alley behind Cheers without even having a drink ;)

At 07 January, 2009 15:56, Blogger Sara said...

love that story dave c - sounds like a typical college road trip story :)


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