Sunday, December 21

LSHTM alumni Christmas Lunch

Those of us who are in the London area all met up yesterday for our annual Christmas lunch, here are some photos - they're in reverse order:

By the end of the night Chris had fallen asleep with Sophie & Andrew not far behind (enjoying some presents from Secret Santa) Soph & Andrew had just flown in from Sierra Leone & Sudan respectively at 5am
Emma testing the mini water gun with Sophie, after Chris had filled it with wine

Look at all that food! (I made corn souffle & green bean casserole)

Jeremy, Louise & Emma prepping one of the two chickens before everyone arrived

A video of Andy dancing with a dog (watch the dog's ears!:

Chris testing the mini water gun full of wine out on Emma:

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At 23 December, 2008 18:16, Blogger BRAINCHEESE said...

Good friends, good food, good times...what more IS there to a holiday season?!?

Linda D. in Seattle


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