Tuesday, January 13

Warsaw, Poland

Got a great deal on a flight today so Kaylie & I are off to Warsaw, Poland from June 12-15! I mean how can you pass up a £62.50 return flight per person??

So that means my NY resolution so far is holding true:
  • January = Switzerland
  • February = Canada & USA
  • March = Morocco
  • April = undecided
  • May = Bulgaria
  • June = Poland
How bout them apples??



At 13 January, 2009 21:43, Anonymous Zibdeeg said...

OMG I found it last Friday and passed it on to all who wanted a laugh!! Jess went right away and read it and we decided that she went through all the Senior Boys going to juniors was just out of her league!!

At 14 January, 2009 12:37, Anonymous susiej said...

REally!!! That is incredible.


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