Wednesday, January 7

trying to sort out some new year resolutions!

I think I mentioned before that my new years resolution is to try to go to a different country once a month . . . well if I hadn't told you, there I've told ya now . . . ideally I'd like to visit places I've never been before, but some months that is going to be harder to do cause there are only so many days in a month & mostly cause there is only so much money in my bank account!!!

Now this might seem easy, but since I've been quite a few places it becomes more difficult to go away for a weekend cheaply cause the places become further away & less common touristy . . . but I'm doing well so far with planning!

  • January - Geneva, Switzerland to visit Louise for our birthday :)
  • February - Vancouver, Canada for a Keystone Meeting (I've never been to western CA) and then stopping in Montreal & driving into NY & CT
  • March - Marrakesh, Morocco with mum
  • April - possibly Copenhagen over Easter - just have to find out if it's open
  • May - Sofia, Bulgaria with Kaylie - has anyone been there, tips are welcome!
That's all I've got planned thus far, but pretty darn good in my mind for only being 7 days into January.

Happy Birthday Jim tomorrow - ya old git!!
Happy Birthday Kristen (aka AI) on Saturday - ya old bint on a stick ;)

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At 07 January, 2009 18:24, Blogger Andrew said...

Ooh, I've really wanted to visit Morroco.

At 09 January, 2009 20:15, Anonymous Amanda said...

I worked with a girl who's family is from Sofia. Actually, she goes back every summer (until grad school anyway). She was born there and knows it like the back of her hand. What would you like to know?

I'm jealous! That's one of my top 5places to visit. It sounds amazing!


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