Wednesday, December 24

Frankfurt, Heidelberg and Triberg

I'm leaving soon to get the tube to Heathrow so I can fly to Frankfurt tonight - YEAH!!! My bag is finally packed (yes I started this morning after the last gift arrived from the Royal Mail!)

So far the plan is for "us" (Kaylie, Neala, Neala's mum, Ben, Chris, Nik, Katelynn, and me) to go over to Melissa & Mike's house for Christmas day. Should be fun with 12 of us all together :) Then on Friday we'll go to Heidlberg and on Saturday we'll go to Triberg, two cities I've never been to so it should be an adventure - I mean any time you get 8 people travelling together something funny is bound to happen, right, and Melissa's family might join us too!

Well I best get going, have to zip my case closed, turn off all the electrical stuff, turn the heat down & bring the rubbish down to the street!

So I wish you all a Merry Christmas tomorrow or Happy Hanukkah (I think today is day 4) and I'll update as much as I can over the next 2 weeks but know that we'll be very busy! I know once I get back I'll have lots of photos to share.

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At 31 December, 2008 02:27, Anonymous dad said...

sounds like a great trip...enjoy...


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