Monday, October 27

9 October 2008 (Day 9 Rwanda)

Up again early today to meet Pastor Francis and Emmanuel to drive over to the ex-child combatants' camp. We where a great success, see Itafari Foundation blog, for more details & photos. It took us 4 hours cooking over a campfire with 5 child chefs.

Briefly, I taught them about hygiene and bacteria before we started, then we got the sauce going, the meatball making began, then finally the spaghetti.

After everyone was done eating (seconds were served!) we played the Itafari game (where I stand with an itafari (brick) in my hand with my back to the boys & they pick which side they think I'll raise the brick on, before saying, "1, 2, 3, Sara" I raise the brick & then they roar with laughter & cheers, until ultimately there is one winner, who received a small prize) After the game was over the boys danced and sang for us until it was time for us to head back home.

All in all it was a perfectly wonderful day - I can easily say one of my best yet!!

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