Monday, October 27

7 October 2008 (Day 7 Rwanda)

Got up and met Vicky for a morning of shopping for 10kilos of ihene, 10kilo of spaghetti, 50 litres of spaghetti sauce, etc etc followed by a lunch at Bourbon Coffee before attempting to exchange some money and get money from the bank - which is an experience that I will spare you the details of, just remember it's a large building in the sun without A/C or fans and the service is not exactly speedy or for that matter organised - Africans in general don't get the concept of queuing, not an insult to them, just an observation, which coming from a background where you queue for most everything, it's a bit overwhelming to have people reaching over your shoulder when you're at the bank teller counter.

Okay back to our day, after all that fun we went back to our office (room 7 at the Iris Guest House) and worked on some of the paperwork for the ex-child combatants ihene (goat) program before meeting up with Lauren for dinner.

NOTE: when writing this update in my diary, Vicky & I were laughing at one of the men who's staying at the hotel who's been wearing the SAME socks for 3 days and in case that wasn't funny enough, they're brown & tan Mickey Mouse socks, but so far today we can't see them, which is very upsetting to us

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