Friday, October 24

4 October 2008 (Day 4 Rwanda)

Today Vicky & I spent out at Charlotte and Charles' home visiting with them and their 9 month old baby, Chael. At 3pm after a wonderful homemade "local" meal, we headed back to our home away from home to meet up with Emmanuel from ASSIST Rwanda (aka Poppa ASSIST) to discuss the coming week's schedule. After Poppa ASSIST filled up many of our days with trips to see the ihene projects we headed over to Joy's house for another wonderful home made "local" dishes meal.

New words I'd learned up to this point:
  • Muraho = Hello
  • Amakuru = How are you?
  • Ni Meza = I'm fine
  • Murakoze = Thank you
  • Murbeho = Goodbye
  • Yego = Yes
  • Oya = No (slightly confusing cause "oh yeah" in English sounds a lot like "Oya" but means the opposite!!)
  • Nit wa = My name is
  • Meza = Good
  • Mzungu = white person
  • Ihene = goat

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At 24 October, 2008 22:49, Blogger mary o said...

Would love to know what comprises a local meal???

Love, Mommio


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