Thursday, October 23

1001 things to be thankful for

I don't have time to write them all down, but as I was sitting at lunch listening to lots of people complain about "their problems" I suddenly mentally was transported back to Rwanda, where for 21 days I don't recall anyone talking about their problems - they maybe had minor set backs but they were all looking forward to the future, so I think everyone who reads this blog should leave a comment with at least 10 things they're happy/thankful for today! To start you off I'll lead with:
  1. I have a job
  2. I have the best sister in the world
  3. I have a flat to live in with heat
  4. I have more than £50 in my bank account
  5. I have clothes which fit me and I can clean on a regular basis in a machine (not by hand in a sink)
  6. I have wonderful friends AROUND the world
  7. I have the best loving, supportive, open minded parents in the world
  8. I am able to eat more than one meal a day
  9. I am able to have hot running water at home
  10. I met some of the most amazing people in Rwanda

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At 23 October, 2008 21:31, Blogger mary o said...

10 things I'm grateful for: 1: the best family in the world that includes an ex-husband who is a great and trusted friend; two of the finest daughters that ever could be! 2: a house that keeps me warm and cozy 3: 3 dogs who love me no matter what 4: wonderful friends from here and abroad 5: the freedom to express my point of view 6: the privilege of voting for those who govern our country 7. enough food, and more, to keep me healthy 8. the freedom to follow whatever spiritual path I wish 9. hot water whenever I need to wash myself or my clothes 10. a warm bed to sleep in.

Love and appreciation, MOMMIO

At 24 October, 2008 16:17, Blogger jen said...

1. my husband
2. my dad
3. my inlaws
4. my job
5. my health insurance
6. being an american (sorry if this isn't p.c. these days)
7. 1/20/09
8. my soft warm bed
9. caffeine
10. my 30 yr fixed rate 20% down-payment mortage

At 25 October, 2008 03:22, Anonymous Patty said...

1. best and most inspiring sister in the world.
2. Best parents a girl could ask for-loving and inspiring also.
3. Matt
4. Yummy food
5. Warm house & bed
6. Bandit - the most loving dog, along with my mom's of course!
7. great friends
8. love
9. beautiful weather
10. rain

At 27 October, 2008 17:50, Anonymous Dave C. said...

10 things... not necessarily the top ten and in no particular order:

1. Freddy

2. Wonderful family and friends

3. Readily available clean, safe water.

4. Few enough problems in my life that I can worry about my "problems".

5. Excellent pizza 1/4 mile from where I work.

6. My co-workers and I respect one another.

7. My career sometimes involves blowing things up.

8. Photography - all of it. Artists, engineers, equipment, and the good fortune to be part of it.

9. The Bill of Rights

10. Term limits


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