Friday, October 24

3 October 2008 (Day 3 Rwanda)

Woke up, had quiet breakfast at the Iris before meeting with Chrysologue and Vicky about a few plans, before we headed off to Speak I'm Listening where Beatrice works. Bought some beautiful banana leaf cards which orphan girls where making in a back room along with some larger 8.5"x11" size designs. Took some photos of the girls working & then a group photo, before I started the ever exciting "self" photos with the girls - they found it hysterical. After they'd all seen the fun photos on my camera I went to find the rest of my group, who to my surprise where standing around watching everything bagels being made!! Of course we had to buy a few before speeding off to the Union Trade Centre in search of some cream cheese, which we never found but we did find some cheddar with herbs which along with a Fanta l'Orange (of course) made for the perfect lunch!

Back at the hotel we quickly checked our email before going to meet with the Minister of Agriculture about billy goats from South Africa. A very promising meeting which made us all happy.

Back to the hotel for a meeting with Brigadier General John Bagabo to talk about a potential spaghetti and ihene (goat) meatball dinner with the ex-child combatants. V&I left that meeting feeling like it was going to happen - yeah baby yeah!!!!

During the meeting with the Brigadier General, Leigh showed up. Vicky & I didn't know Leigh, but she had been in the Peace Corps about 5 years ago with Liz. Liz studied at LSHTM with me 3 years ago . . . hence our slight connection. Leigh is now working in Kigali - we had a quick chat & decided to try to meet up later in the week.

Rather exhausted from all of our successful meetings that day we decided to just pop next door for some Chinese, note to self: it's worth walking further if you're in search of edible food!

Funny story: upon leaving the restaurant a guy asked if we wanted a taxi, we politely said no, but for some reason the two of us could not stop laughing about what if we had said yes & then told him we wanted to go to the Iris (literally RIGHT next door) as we walked up the driveway to our home away from home there were 2 men sitting outside shaking their heads at us - I'm sure they thought we were off our face drunk . . . if only they knew we were high on life!

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At 24 October, 2008 22:48, Blogger mary o said...

good cab story. Thanks for taking the time to tell such good stories about specific events. It makes for wonderful reading.

Love, Mommio


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