Tuesday, October 21

1000th post from the land of a thousand hills

This will be my final blog from within Rwanda as I fly to Nairobi, Kenya later today & then after an 8 hour layover I fly back to London. Now for those of you who've been through Nairobi's airport you will know that there is basically bugger all to do, though I did find out from an American living in Kigali that they just put in a coffee house at the end of the airport so I reckon I'll go set up camp there for the day with my books.

Just paid my bill, finished packing, checked my email, swallowed my malaria tablet, so I'm basically just sittin around waitin. I do have to exchange some of my money with the lovely VHT Bank - they have great rates and work at a pace I can deal with unlike yesterday's experience which took me 45 minutes to get money out of my account, even though there was nobody else in the queue or in the bank for that matter!

If you haven't done so already please visit Itafari's website, just click here. Feel free to buy a goat or email the lovely VHT if you would like to sponsor a child whilst your on the page.

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At 22 October, 2008 22:08, Blogger BRAINCHEESE said...

You amaze me!

Linda D. in Seattle


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