Monday, October 27

12 October 2008 (Day 12 Burundi)

Vicky & I were both running late today but scarfed down our "strawberry shortcake" breakfast before Alfred picked us up to bring us to the airport for our trip to Burundi to visit Vicky's mate Rita.

We should have known African time we'd not be late, as our flight ended up being an hour delayed. Thank goodness for Lauren & her texting ability who kept us amused in the waiting area. Lauren's nickname had become Sistah Heatah because when a boy asked her name & she told him, he replied with "that warms my heart to know your name" so the same just seemed appropriate. Vicky's name was of course still Momma Itafari and at the time my name was Scientist Sistah Sara, but that didn't last much past the weekend, when I became known as Sistah Mudugudu (which means neighborhood, now this name wasn't given to me it was self appointed, cause I liked the sound of the name, and with Poppa ASSIST & Momma Itafari liking it as well, it just stuck!)

The flight to Bujumbura was only 30 minutes but even in that small amount of time Vicky managed to get a hair in her mouth thanks to the Rwandan Airways apple juice - I was smart and had a fanta l'orange . . . I think she learned her lesson to always have a fanta!

Upon arrival we bought our less than 72hour visas for $20 and then turned the corner to see a lovely smiling face waiting for us, Rita. Big hugs all around and then out into the warm Bujumbura, Burundi air. We went straight back to her house to meet Eric and have a lovely lunch. After lunch we went to the zoo to visit with the crocodiles, alligators, snakes and a few deer. Then on to the beach where we saw traditionally clothed dancers & drummers. After a relaxing fanta l'orange (no apple juice!) we took a quick tour of the city before being back home before 6pm.

We had dinner around 7pm, during which a grenade exploded somewhere near by, but it didn't seem to phase any of us - just sounded like fireworks to me, so I continued enjoying my meal! We had learned earlier in the day that it's not safe to be out & about (even driving) much past 6pm especially when it gets dark.

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