Monday, October 27

11 October 2008 (Day 11 Rwanda)

Up slightly earlier than normal to prepare for the children's party at Christ Gospel Church in Kimironko (Pastor Francis' church). Alfred our cab driver took us and we picked up our sister Lauren along the way at Chez Lando's. We were greeted by 145 children some of whom I'd met at church the previous week.

We played "A sailor went to the sea sea sea, to see what he could see see see", the Hokey Pokey, Head shoulders, knees & Toes, let them sing for us, let them dance for us, played with bubbles, interviewed some of the children for their sponsors, took photos, fed them a large lunch on tiny plates with can you guess it????? fanta l'oranges with paper umbrella straws! Amazingly very little dropped on the floor considering how high they piled the food onto these small plates. We also played the Itafari game & handed out goody bags at the end. We were there from 9.30 to 5pm so by the time we got home this evening we were KNACKERED beyond belief, so we lay down in Vicky's room ("our office") watching some telly, checking email, and chatting, well really more like laughing cause we do a lot of that! Especially at one point I said, "sounds like Emmanuel's car" (his breaks make the most horrible squeaking noise) next thing we knew the phone rang & Poppa ASSIST (aka Emmanuel) was on the other end - in reception. He stopped up to our office to help Vicky with her letter to his Excellency President Kagame for a bit and then we went our separate ways for dinner.

Vicky & I decided we'd have dinner at the hotel cause we couldn't face going out! Now as we all know sod's law says when you're exhausted your food will come slowly right??? Well it did, in the mean time whilst trying to avoid falling asleep we were doing a bit of people watching.

The "silver fox" came to dinner and as always gave us something to talk about. The Silver Fox is one of the other visitors to the hotel, who we rather enjoyed making up crazy stories about, just cause we could - nothing mean, just something to make us laugh so we could stay awake until our meals arrived. These "foxy tales" as I will call them continued throughout the rest of our time together - whenever we saw something out of the ordinary or when we were just bored, one of us would start telling a story & then pause so the other one could chime in with her thoughts on the story - we normally got ourselves into hysterics with these foxy lil tales!

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