Sunday, August 10

jam packed weekend

Saturday, Jaiden (in pink), Kaylie (in black) & I met at London Bridge station around 11am and toured through Borough Market. After a bit of lunch & a few purchases, we headed to North Greenwich to check out the O2 arena and saw the movie Mamma Mia, which I don't recommend!!!! After that we went to watch the Arsenal match at the pub with Ray, Logan, Cyrus, Julie, and Rey. Around 10pm Kaylie & I left to come home and make some pasta with fresh pesto sauce (from the market). During dinner we chatted about what we should do on Sunday . . .

Today we met at Leicester Sq at 11am, walked down to the National Portrait Gallery & toured around the top floor till 12.15. We left to go to the discounted ticket office in Leicester Sq where we got half price tickets to see Stomp. After we had tickets in hand we went back to the Portrait Gallery to see the other floors before wandering our way through Trafalgar Sq to catch a glimpse of the MEGA large screen showing the Olympics and our lunch of Chinese food - yum!

Now I'm home about to watch The Last King of Scotland (which I've never seen before!)

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At 12 August, 2008 02:58, Anonymous dad said...

well I am just worn out reading about it! just back from a whirlwind week to NJ, NYC and Fire i get the drift!

At 12 August, 2008 10:58, Blogger Sara said...

and soon we're off to prague as well :)


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