Monday, July 21

feeling unconnected

you never realise how much you rely on your home computer, broadband & the internet at large until suddenly your computer fails & you have to go for over a week without it! my computer crashed the sunday night i arrived back in london (a week ago yesterday) and at first i thought it was going to be a quick fix, but after 2 days of bringing it to work and hours on the website, i had to call in the experts, who thought it was going to be a 5 minute fix, but low & behold found out it's way more complicated than even they could sort out in 1 hour, so the laptop got taken away & supposedly is going to be returned to me tonight, FINGERS crossed, since these days with the crazinesses (is that really a word!?!??!) at work i don't have lots of time to give you updates on my oh so exciting life (LOL)

briefly this weekend:
friday night at home
saturday jaiden & john came over to fix my bed, then we went to the junction (pub) to meet up with rob, kaylie, naomi & andy, then on to primrose hill for greek food, before wandering back down through camden
sunday rob & i went to the assembly house for lunch & then waited whilst the computer guy attempted to fix my computer, after he finally gave in we went to leicester square to see Wall-E, a cute movie with very very little talking!

found out my mom has another dog in her life, his name is kumquat & he was the runt of the litter (and to be honest the one which I said way back when he was born if i moved back to the state I would want just cause he was such a cutie & i LOVED his name)

here they all are, Kumquat, Alice & Quid

with my boss on the Tour de France,Tash in the south of Spain, Mel in the south of France, this week is going to be hectic!!!

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At 22 July, 2008 13:58, Blogger Elizabeth said...

I saw Kumquat as a baby and he was mighty cute (a little too pushy for Cosmo's tastes though). I have a picture of him bellying up to Cosmo and Cosmo trying to back away. I think your mom has the Lay's potato chip phenomenon happening at her house =)

At 22 July, 2008 14:01, Blogger Sara said...

"once you pop you can't stop" has definetly hit her - LOL

Alice & Kumquat seem to get on really well while Quid is more into his alone time, I'm guessing he's more like Cosmo in that way.


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