Sunday, December 30

plans sorted (finally!)

Can't recall when I last wrote or what I said, so forgive me if I repeat myself or if I've left out a few days. But my next few days plans are well sorted out now, which makes me very happy b/c like my father I don't like all this unknown, in particular when travelling!!

So tonight is dinner at dad's with 10 people, yes that's correct TEN! to any of you who know dad's house you'll know it's gonna be a tight squeeze! Dad, Patty, Matt, Louise, Jeremy, Mom, Cousin Tim (up from Brooklyn), Kate (Tim's gf), Joyce (dad's neighbour), and me. We're having turkey soup a la dad style (mom got a "sneak preview" of it the other day & she said it's the best she's ever had, which is a VERY BIG compliment since she's such a good cook herself.

Tomorrow mom & I are heading to the big city (LOL) actually just to Glens Falls to return the rental car and go shopping. Dad's heading to Montreal. Patty & Matt will probably relax & watch movies & Louise & Jeremy might snow shoe or watch movies ) P,M,J, and L are all out sledding at the mo - I had to stay in to do some US paper work with dad. Tomorrow night we'll all go to my aunt's house where Tim & Kate are having a NYEve party.

Tuesday morning we'll all head to CT. Louise & Jeremy will get a bus or train back to NYC, Matt & Patty will go to her condo, Mom, Quid (her dog) and I will head to the hotel. That night we'll go to Aunt Pat & Diane's house for dinner.

Wednesday P&M will fly back to TN. Mom & I will go visit Kevin, Sylwia, Owen, Maya, and Grace for the day then have dinner over at Anne & John's house.

Thursday mom will head back to NY & I'll stay at Anne & John's house.

Friday my best mate since 3rd grade violin class (Kristen) will pick me up & bring me to her house in Yonkers, NY, where I'll kip till my plane on Monday morning - of course we'll chat a lot & eat good food as well - that goes without say!!

I'm hoping to meet up with my good mate Susan as well, but I'm not sure about her schedule yet. I'm just glad I've got a pretty good plan of attack so far!!

I'd like to make a mini shout out to my dear mate Amanda who's birthday it was yesterday & who called me at just the right moment last night when I was having a melt down (she must have just known!!)

HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of you!!!!!!!!!



At 03 January, 2008 06:20, Blogger BRAINCHEESE said...

And Happy New Year to YOU, traveler!

Linda D. in Seattle


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